Founded in 2015, we aspire to pave a new path in swimwear and are deeply rooted in authenticity. Through non-traditional pieces, we trace a path beyond the water, with styles that are able to move through different environments.

Embracing the body, our pieces are of minimalist, yet sophisticated modeling. Designed to suit different situations, climates and occasions, the pieces have a sophisticated finish and values the natural beauty of those who wear, while providing comfort and mobility.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, founder and creative director of Haight, Marcella Franklin, has extensive experience in the swim industry. As her skill set sharpened, she recognized a void that her own aesthetic could fill and started Haight. Marcella started from a desire to subvert women's perception of what beachwear is in Brazil and created a line focused on a minimalistic perspective of beachwear fashion.

Now onto the fifth year, we have a deep understanding of our women; she is strong, modern, sophisticated, and with a love for the water. Our community is surrounded by creatives who share our aspirations and beliefs.
With innovative shapes and cuts, unique finishing techniques and working with technological fabrics, our creations work through three universes with their own specific characteristics presented throughout the collections.

Designed and made in Brazil, Haight is currently sold in over 30 stores worldwide and ships globally on Haight.com.br.